Carina Castellan

Carina Castellan

"Inspiring others through web development while striving for excellence."

My Mission

Carina with a T-Rex in Universal Studios Orlando

Hello everyone and welcome. I am Carina, a web development undergrad student. Let me tell you a little bit about me.

Growing up in Guatemala, I noticed the need for professionally built websites and applications that are not only accessible to all, but also have interesting, original, and innovative features. This was my deciding factor when I thought about what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Years later, I moved to Arizona, where I am currently pursuing a BAS in Web Development, and at the same time, improving some of the skills I had previously learned while studying in High School in Guatemala. My ultimate goal is to get to know my clients in order to offer the best solutions to their problems and bring their website visions to life.

Websites these days can become complicated to use even for the average user, that is why I aim to develop convenient, accessible, and adaptable websites for everyone.


Structuring the web's content using modern semantic HTML.

Presenting beautiful web designs and interactions using CSS.

Rapidly developing responsive websites using the web's most popular framework.

Making interactive experiences, games, web apps, and more using JavaScript.