Dutch Bros Redesign

Project Description

The goal of this project was to improve Dutch Bros' user experience and user interface. The first step was to perform user research. Ten people were interviwed and two personas were created based on the target audience and their preferences regarding drinks. The second step was to perform a heuristic evaluation to identify problems in the Dutch Bros' website design. Based on the results, a usability test with four scenarios was developed and eight participants were gathered to perform the tests. Finally a data analysis was performed, in which we discovered relevant findings about the Dutch Bros website and several recommendations for improvement were proposed and discussed.

Findings that were discovered:

- The design of the shopping page makes it difficult for users to navigate back to the main website pages.
- The website does not offer a search option/search bar to directly and easily navigate specific terms/items.
- Important links, such as the “rewards” are in the footers of the site’s pages.
- The layout of the “Full Menu” page is inconsistent and does not offer filters.

Recommendations for improvement:

- Implement the use of filters so users can refine their search results and find or exclude ingredients in a quick and easy manner.
- Move the “Rewards” link to the main navigation so it is more accessible.

The mockups that constitute this project are:

- Home Page mockup
- Menu Page mockup
- Drink Page mockup
- Shop Page mockup


Dutch Bros Homepage Mockup
Home Page
Dutch Bros Menu Page Mockup
Menu Page
Dutch Bros Drink Page Mockup
Drink Page
Dutch Bros Shop Page Mockup
Shop Page