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Guate's Dog Rescue Homepage

Guate's Dog Rescue

In order to contribute to shelters and help control dog overpopulation and homelessness in my home country, Guatemala, Guate’s Dog Rescue was created. This site provides information about dogs that are currently available for adoption as well as how to either adopt a dog in Guatemala or donate to shelters. All the dogs that are available for adoption are displayed and there are many resources to learn more about essential dog care.
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Jurassic Parkfolio Homepage

Jurassic Parkfolio

Combining two of the things I love the most: coding and dinosaurs. Jurassic Parkfolio is a portfolio website that showcases some of my coding skills as well as my personal preferences in movies. The goal of this particular project is to share with others some of my capabilities and to increase my visibility and online presence while also adding a bit of a fun personality.
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Flavo Store Homepage


Flavo is an e-commerce clothing store.
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Dutch Bros Redesign Mockup

Dutch Bros Redesign

After performing a usability test, it was determined that the Dutch Bros site was lacking an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly website. Utilizing the brand’s existing assets, a new design was created, which incorporated many features that will provide an effortless user experience.
Website Redesign Case Study

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Top Gun: Maverick Animated Short Video Screenshot

Top Gun: Maverick Animated Short Video

After being postponed at least twice during the course of two years due to the pandemic, Top Gun: Maverick was finally being released on May 27, 2022. To maintain the hype and encourage movie lovers to watch this masterpiece, an animated short video was created using elements and the soundtrack from the original film.
Animated Short Video

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