Project Description

Given that Guatemala is a country with overpopulation of homeless dogs, the goal of this project was to create a website displaying pictures and information about dogs available for adoption, given that most of the websites regarding dog adoptions in Guatemala are either not responsive or are not being updated and maintained regularly, or both. Through this website, I aim to help homeless dogs from Guatemala have a better quality of life.

The dog homelessness problem is preventable through spaying and neutering. For this reason, the site offers the option to donate to shelters. The money donated would be used to perform spay and neuter surgery on homeless dogs in order to reduce dog overpopulation.

In addition, the site contains a form so users can make an appointment to visit a shelter and adopt a dog, or to send a message to report a lost dog and dog cruelty.

The site contains the following:

- A form and contact information so users can make appointments to visit a dog shelter and/or adopt a dog, and also to report a lost dog and dog cruelty.
- A list of all the dogs that are currently available for adoption along with images and information about each one.
- A “Donate now” button for users who wish to contribute to the shelter.
- A list of links to different resources about important dog care information that will take the users to other sites to learn more about how to take good care of a dog.
- Responsive navigation and design so the content is accessible on all mobile devices as well as tablets and desktops.

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